About Me.

My name is Chandra, and I am an adult diagnosed with AD/HD, fibromyalgia, sleep-maintenance insomnia, seasonal allergies, and dysthymia (occasional random depression and I have no idea if I spelled that right.)

I am also a devout Christian,  happily married, mother of three grown sons,a successful college grad student, good at my job, a biker, and absolutely not willing to let AD/HD and chronic pain limit me, define me, or slow my pursuit of happiness.

I am starting a journey towards what I hope will be a more natural, more functional life in kingdom service, and I am inviting everyone everywhere to follow along . I am also actively seeking ways to reduce my dependence on daily medications and allopathic medicine.

This blog is my attempt to share some of the helpful day-to-day random things I have found that help me to get stuff done, find what I’m looking for, control my pain, and generally reduce how much I annoy myself and get in my own way. I hope everyone reading this finds something useful. Or something stupid that makes you laugh. Or a place that you don’t regret spending five minutes of your valuable surfing/procrastinating time on occasion.

  1. Marilynne Rowland

    Thanks, Chandra, just found you blog through pinterest, my latest addiction! I, too, deal with all that you deal with in the health area. Very interested to follow along. I am just at a place to be able to “ween'” myself from the meds and the traditional meds. Walking as much as I can and lost 50 pounds in the last 2 years. My daughter also is dealing with these issues.

    • I’m so happy to “meet” you, Marilynne. Congratulations on the walking and the move away from the excess meds – it’s very exciting!

  2. Marilynne Rowland

    Wanted to see if you have tried Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic work? google it. Great video and explanation. It has been the best work for me and has helped my acupuncture work better.

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